Numerous delicacies sweetened this year's Homemade Products Fair

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Date of publishing: 15.10.2018

Category: Events

Last weekend, Lumini Shopping Center, within this year's Domestic products fair, was filled with scent of traditional delicacies such as bacon and baranja kulen, and for sweet treats there were various delicious cakes, fruit liqueurs and Neretva mandarins.

Fun to the Saturday program with numerous delicacies, added music by Tamburaški band Faringaši, KUD Voća and TS Frajkani, while on Sundays the Lumini Shopping Center was echoing with the sounds of TS Biseri and the Tamburitza Orchestra from Varazdin Music Association.

The host of the Fair was Nenad Kumrić, but "Štef z beciklinom" joined him in the tasteing of the traditional delicacies.

In addition to the sounds of performances, children have been delighted with traditional wooden toys while in the Twister playroom they have participated in local noodles and plasticine workshops. The little ones also played few old games like "gumi-gumi", "pošto kume lonac” and „care, care govedare”.

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